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Behaviour consultations

At the moment, I am offering consultations via Zoom. This has many advantages; I can talk to you and observe your dog without your dog being distracted by a visitor in the house. As I am not having to travel I can see people over a greater distance, the cost for you is less, and the wait for an appointment is greatly reduced.

If after the initial consultation we feel meeting face-to-face will be beneficial, we can arrange this for your home or outdoors on a walk or at my enclosed field for one or more follow-up or rehabilitation sessions.


For a behaviour consultation, I need a referral from your veterinary surgeon. I can contact your vet directly if you or they prefer, I can email a referral form to them etc.


An initial behaviour consultation via zoom takes approx. two hours.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, don’t be put off – as long as you have access to a smart phone, laptop, PC or tablet, it should be fine.  Let me know if you have any worries with this.


Make a note of anything you want to mention so that we make the most of the time.

Please send me any relevant videos, but this is not essential.


During the consultation, we go through the background and discuss our plan of action.

I will send you any handouts, booklets, houseline etc as appropriate.


After the consultation, I will send you a report and a copy is sent to your referring vet.


We then stay in contact with shorter Zoom sessions as frequently as you wish, for as long as you want. The follow-up via Zoom means that I can see your progress, far better than phone calls alone.


Fee Structure

£220 includes the consultation, report, copy sent to the referring veterinary surgeon, all relevant handouts and four follow up zoom calls.

Or £250 as above if evening calls (ie starting 5pm and later) are required.

Subsequent zoom calls will be £20 each or £25 if 5pm or later.

(Please note, there may be a longer wait for evening appointments)


Face-to-face meetings (approx. 1hr duration) – £50 + travel following initial contact via zoom.


I send you my bank details and ask that you please pay before the first consultation.

Check your insurance policy to see if they cover my fees.


Please contact me if you would like to book a consultation or for any more details or have any queries or if you would like a chat on the phone before booking.