Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each class last?

Each session is approximately 50 minutes.  Classes start on the hour.  It can take a few minutes for everyone to come in, so please be punctual.

What do I need to bring?

Your puppy or dog, along with their normal collar or lead and a selection of tiny treats that your dog really likes.  Nothing else is needed, but you are welcome to bring a bed and small bowl of water if you feel this will help your dog to settle.

dog and catCan other members of the family come too?

Yes, please bring along anyone who would like to come.  With a pet dog, it is very important that everyone is involved and learning the same things.  Well behaved children are always most welcome.

A member of my family has a disability, can they still come?

Yes everyone is very welcome, but please get in touch with the office for any special requirements so we can ensure we help you as much as possible.  Wheelchair access is available.

I have two dogs, can I bring them both?

Yes, there are a few options:  both dogs in the same class at the same time, but please make sure you have at least as many handlers as dogs – there is a £5 reduction for the second dog as you will only need one set of handouts.  Alternatively you can book each dog onto a separate class on the same night, which is especially useful if your dogs are at different stages (e.g. a puppy and an older dog).  You could book one place and alternate which dog you bring each week, but please ring the office to discuss this.

shy cute dogMy puppy is 16-20 weeks old, which class is most appropriate for them to join?

The choice is yours.  Puppies need to be under 20 weeks at the beginning of the puppy course, the puppy course gives an introduction to puppy training.  Puppies of any age can come to the dog course, as this is a longer course, we can cover more topics in a greater depth.  This is often a better course for the older puppies, especially if they are big and bouncy.

My dog is nervous of other people/dogs, can I book him on the course?

This depends on how nervous your dog is.  If he is able to cope and enjoy the situation, we can build on this and increase his confidence.  However, if he would find the whole experience unpleasant, we are best starting with a one-to-one or possibly a behaviour consultation.  Joining the classes at a later stage may then be a good idea.  Please ring the office to discuss.

My dog shows aggression to people or dogs, I think he needs socialising, can I bring him along to the classes?

If your dog is showing any signs of aggression, the classes are not the best place to start, as this would be putting your dog in a situation they would not enjoy and cannot cope with.  There are lots of ways we can help you, but we would need to start with a behaviour consultation.  Please ring the office so we can discuss your needs.

My dog struggles when he is left on his own, would the classes help him to overcome this?

The classes are unlikely to be able to cover this in the detail that you would need.  However, they do enable people to understand their dogs better, which can be helpful, especially with a young dog.  A behaviour consultation will help with this specific difficulty, whilst the classes help to give a general education.

nervous dogMy dog older, will the classes still help him?

Whilst the majority of dogs attending are young adults/adolescents, the classes are suitable for dogs of all ages.  We have had dogs as old as 13 complete the course and benefit from it.  There are several reasons to bring an older dog, including acquiring from rescue, a change in circumstances within the family or just a desire to enjoy your dog more fully.

My dog has been unwell this week, can they still come along?

If your dog is unwell in other way, please ask your vets advice as to whether they should attend.  If your dog is unable to attend, please consider coming along yourself so you don’t miss anything and can put it into practice at home.

My dog has come into season, can she still come along?

Unfortunately, we do not accept dogs in season, as this would be distracting for the other dogs and your dog may find it difficult to concentrate.  Please come along without your dog so you don’t miss anything and can put it into practice at home.

My dog has recently been neutered, can they still come along?

We frequently come across this during the classes.  It depends on your dog, so do ask your vet if you are unsure.  We are quite happy for dogs to come along after neutering provided they are able to enjoy it.  You can bring a comfy bed for them to lie on and we don’t mind if they can’t do all the exercises.  It gives them an enjoyable experience at a time when they are restricted to being on a lead.

How do I pay?

There are three options:  you can pay online via the ‘shop’; send a cheque to the office; or call round with cash (please let us know if you are doing it this way as we can leave your confirmation in the porch for you to collect at the same time).

Can I pay on the night of the course?

Unfortunately we cannot work this way.  As we have small classes, spaces fill up very quickly, your place will be confirmed once payment is received.  This also means that we do not waste time in the classes collecting payments.

We have the vouchers for free samples of the dog foods, but I have lost the code numbers, what are they?

The James Wellbeloved number is 216 and the Royal Canin number is 177284.