Other Work

Erica is also involved in other areas of work as required.

LabradoodleCourt Work

Erica is frequently called upon to produce court reports and to appear in court when a dog has misbehaved.  This is usually when a dog has bitten or frightened someone and the owner os being taken to court under the Dangerous Dog’s Act.

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During 2014 and 2015 Erica worked for BBC as the animal wrangler on “Puppy Love”, a comedy drama set mainly on the Wirral.  Over 80 dogs were used, most of whom attended Erica’s classes.  Erica also sourced a cat called Pumpkin, two giant African Land Snails (Humphrey and Rocket) and a miniature horse called Bronte to appear in the series.  Erica has worked on other television dramas, providing dogs when required.

Lectures and Talks

Erica has lectured in this country and abroad, addressing general public and pet owners or specialist audiences e.g. veterinary surgeons and vet nurses. She is a visiting lecturer at John Moore University, also taking her own dogs to assist some of her lectures.

Adoption and Fostering Assessments

Erica is regularly called upon by social services and private organisations and owners to assess pets within the family.

Rescue Work

Rescue organisations, both at local level and national, frequently contact Erica for staff training, assessment or advice for rescue dogs, support for owners, supplying written guidance etc.


Erica has written several books and booklets:

Good Puppy! and Good Dog!, Help My dog pulls on the lead

It’s a Cat’s Life and Games Cat’s Play

Running Puppy Classes.  Ideas for Novelty Classes

Dog Behaviour

and others

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