Erica Peachey and Kim Hope (Members of APBC) Consultants in Animal Behaviour

37 Lang Lane West Kirby CH48 5HQ 0151 625 2568

Booking form for training classes at Melrose Hall, Hoylake.

Please return this booking form to the office, with your payment enclosed. We will contact you to confirm your place. If no place is available on your course we will offer an alternative or put you on the waiting list. No money will be taken until your place is confirmed.

Good Puppy CourseGood Dog CourseNovelty Course

The novelty course is only for those having already completed the Good Dog course

Payment is non-refundable once your place has been confirmed.

I declare that my dog is not aggressive or worried by other dogs or people, and that if this turns out to be the case it may be decided that my dog is not suitable for a class situation and my class fee will not be refunded. (If you have any concerns about this please contact Erica).