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Group Classes

Dog and Puppy Training

As Consultants in Animal Behaviour, we see many difficulties which could have been avoided and therefore we began offering training lessons as a way of developing an understanding between dog and family and preventing difficulties.  Our methods are based on rewards and motivation.

We run group courses and also offer individual sessions.

Class Training

The “Good Puppy” course is a five week course. It is for puppies as young as possible, they should start as soon as the owner and veterinary surgeon are happy that the puppy has completed the vaccination programme. Puppies must be under 20 weeks at the start of the course.

cute bichon dogThe “Good Dog” course is a nine week course plus an outdoor lesson. It is complete in itself, although many people attend both courses. We have had puppies as young as thirteen weeks and dogs as old as thirteen years who have successfully completed the course. We are able to cover topics in more depth and are able to cover more areas.  We also work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Assessment Award.

The classes, held inside, are fun and enjoyable for dogs and owners.  The regular dog walks, and outdoor lesson which forms part of the Good Dog Course, are unique and enhance the learning experience for you and your dog.

All the classes are for pet dogs. They are aimed at teaching your dog the things he needs to know to fit in with your family and be a well-behaved pet for years to come.

We have small classes which means that there is time for individual attention and we can make sure that every puppy and dog is getting what he needs from the course. The size of class varies according to the requirements of the dogs attending, with ten as the maximum number.

All the family are invited to attend. We feel that it is extremely important that everyone is involved with a family dog and therefore, we like as many people to attend as would like to come. Children are most welcome to come along and be involved, provided they are well behaved.

Group classes are mostly on Thursdays

Please see link for booking form on this page

Please use this Booking Form and return it to ericapeachey@hotmail.com

Start dates

Good Puppy!

Thursday 7th June: 5 weeks  £65      Classes at 4pm and 7pm  (7pm class fully booked – sorry)

Thursday 13th September: 5 weeks £65   Classes at 4pm and 7pm

Thursday 18th October:  5 weeks £65   Classes at 4pm and 7pm    No class on 25th October

Good Dog!

Thursday 3rd May 2018: 9 weeks £110      Classes at 5pm and 8pm     No class on 31st May

Thursday 20th September:  9 weeks £110      Classes at 5pm and 8pm    No class on 25th October

Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes

Bronze Good Citizen – all dogs must have completed the Good Dog course

Monday 23rd April 2018: 9 weeks  £100      Class starts at 6pm      No classes on 7th May and 28th May.  Venue:  Field in Irby, outdoor class

Test night:  probably 18th June

Fun night: 25th June

Silver Good Citizenall dogs must have achieved their Bronze award

Thursday 26th April:  10 weeks  £110   Class starts at 6pm  No class on 31st May  Venue:  Melrose Hall

Test night:  probably 21st June

Fun night: 28th June

Gold Good Citizen – all dogs must have achieved their Silver award

Monday 23rd April: 9 weeks £100  Class starts at 7.15  No classes on  7th May and 28th May.  Venue: Field in Irby, outdoor class

Test night:  probably 18th June

Fun night: 25th June

Rottweiler Maze in a cone

puppy cute large breed

daxi walking well on a lead

dog doing agility jumping fence