Services Available During COVID-19 Restrictions

Brief chat on phone first to ascertain how I can best help you

Approx. 10 minutes                  Free of charge


Behaviour consultations

A vet referral may not be needed at the moment, as this condition has been temporarily waived in some situations.

I would phone your veterinary practice before our consultation.

Check with your own insurance company to ensure you are covered.


Zoom video consultation lasts approx. one and a half hours, at a pre-arranged time. You will need a laptop, PC (with webcam), tablet or smartphone for this service. No additional software is required, I simply email you a link to click.

Phone consultations are also available if preferred.

I email / post you any relevant handouts.

After the consultation, I  write a report and send this to you, with a copy going to your own veterinary surgeon.

Ongoing support via phone or email is available as in normal circumstances.


If you are able to send me any relevant videos, before or after the consultation, that would be great but is not essential if it isn’t possible.


When the restrictions are lifted, you will be eligible for a discount on any of my services – see below.


COST: £180



One to one training

I offer a one hour Zoom video session, followed by a half hour session arranged for a week or so later.

This can be via phone if preferred.

Again, if there are any relevant videos, please send them to me at any stage.

Please note, as with face-to-face meetings, training sessions are not suitable for dogs showing any aggression.  In these cases, a behaviour consultation is needed as we can discuss the situation in more detail and follow up for a longer period.


COST:  £50

Any subsequent Zoom/phone conversations £20 for ½ hour

£30 for 1 hour

When restrictions are lifted, you will be able to access my services as a discounted rate – see below




Important notes

  1. Obviously, I am not actually interacting with your dog during this which is not ideal.

I have only the facts given to me by yourself.  Please be as honest, accurate and concise as possible.

It cannot be as thorough or as accurate as with face-to-face consultations.


2. When restrictions are lifted and I am able to resume services, if you have used one of these services during this time and if you are wanting to access any of my face-to-face services, you will be able to at a discounted rate of approximately 25% reduction.


Service                           Normal face to face price                    Discounted price  

Consultation                    £210                                                  £160

Follow up visit after consultation

£70                                                    £55

One to one 1½ hours       £70                                                    £55

Set of 3 x 1 hour 1-1       £130                                                  £100

Good Puppy class           £65                                                    £50

Good Dog class              £110                                                  £80


3. All monies payable by BACS before sessions.


4. Once lockdown is lifted, I plan to have some extra outdoor lessons and dog walks to help with the socialising that the dogs are all missing.


5. Changes to this may occur as the situation alters.


6. To book, just send me an email or give me a ring.